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Now its Java 7!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
I missed the launch event at Redwood Shores due to sheer exhaustion after driving back from Twain Harte (the birth place of Rock Band and Guitar Hero!), but some videos have been posted. Missed out on the always excellent food and tchotchkes though…


Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
Had some quality Xbox / Kinect time with my 5 year old over the 4th July weekend. It’s a little frustrating with the difference in height but the two player recognition is definitely improving; he still struggles with the holding still part while it identifies both of us though! I read briefly the official Microsoft Kinect SDK docs, that’s still a long way off for me, focusing on getting to the Android Market for now!

Cars 2 for Xbox has just been a delight and a visual feast. Still sticking to mainly racing games, they are easy to understand and brilliantly educational when it comes to math and physics! Most of them are split screen two player which is key for our household. Also, finally had a chance to catch up on races before the Tivo deleted them – the debut Kentucky NASCAR race was much better than the predictable Daytona run, and Silverstone delivered again for Formula One this weekend. I couldn’t get to Sonoma this year for the NASCAR race but it was great to watch that one finally too. The last time I was there Juan Pablo Montaya won (the weekend after that incredible Montreal F1 race), but that was five years ago!