What we’ve been playing: Skylanders Giants!

So this has been a total blast, playing with my 6 year old son and swapping characters via the “portal” as we went through the levels. It is a kids game so the levels are not too challenging and you dont “die” but you have to take the character off the portal for a rest period. The levels are huge and richly detailed with great voice over talent and fantastic transitions when you put a character down on the portal. The portal plugs into our Xbox USB (I didn’t even know the Xbox 360 has 5 USB ports!)

Portal and figures

The figurines store your progress and health, and they are completely cross platform, so you can take your guys to someone’s house with a PlayStation and the characters pick up where you left them on the Xbox 360 for example. The underlying technology is almost all derived from open source and 3D printing played a huge role in the creation of the characters.

The SkyLander Giants official YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/SkylandersGame?feature=watch has some great videos of the system. We are playing the Xbox 360 version, the portal concept has been expanded to iOS also.

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