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NEW! Upload photos to any Facebook brand, product or business page you manage!! Just login with the Facebook account you use to manage the Facebook Page, and any page you have Content Creator administrator access to will be displayed in a drop down menu. Select the page, and upload!

PhotoUpLink 2.0 for Mac Aperture and iPhoto development back underway after a brief hiatus.
New iPhoto and Aperture builds now available!

PhotoUpLink for iPhone has been improved and upgraded to version 2.5!

• Now a free download with FTP available for $US1.99 in-app purchase.
• Facebook photo albums are uploaded to the max 2048 pix resolution, getting the full value of the iPhone 4 camera.
• Tumblr photosets of up to 10 images can be created. See examples at
• Create photo Tweets on any iOS device running iOS 3.1.3 and above.
• Progress bars for monitoring file uploads have been improved.
• Persistent logins add to ease of regular usage. These logins are independent of other applications and iOS 5 settings!
Documentation has been updated to cover the new features.

Get the free 3D printed picture frame files or order a 3D print of a wallet size picture frame!

Right-click to PowerPoint with PhotoUpLink on Windows 7!

When you have downloaded PhotoUpLink for Windows and installed, PhotoUpLink will appear in the Explorer context menu when you right click on an image. Select a group of images, then right click and select PhotoUpLink.

On Windows 7 the “Open With” menu may appear. Select PhotoUpLink, and click OK.
PhotoUpLink then opens, with the selected items becoming the operation file list.

Click on the “Document” tab, and then select PowerPoint as the document output format.

Choose the output path, then click “OK” to begin the automatic creation of your PowerPoint presentation!

NEW! Updated help for PhotoUpLink for Windows XP and above!

PhotoUpLink enables:

• Flexible, reliable image FTP from iPhone, iPhoto, Aperture and Windows.
• Desktop to database transfer of image binaries and EXIF meta data.
• Email notification of upload complete, including new file URLs.

Key desktop version features:

• Adds video-capable PhotoUpLink exporter to iPhoto Export Photos dialog, Aperture export, or Windows context menu.
• FTP items directly from iPhoto, Aperture, or Windows Explorer to ANY server!
• Upload images scaled to ANY size!
• Export video and images into any ODBC datasource such as MySQL server for publishing to image databases and stock photo libraries.
• Create Excel spreadsheets of iPhoto, Aperture or Windows library metadata.
• Keywords in the iPhoto library can be embedded with the uploaded copy of the image, in the IPTC header.
• Create Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Zip archives automatically from selected albums or images.
• Join photos together in panoramas and join short digital camera videos (imported into iPhoto) into longer movies.

ODBC Drivers for OS X

MySQL Connector
Actual Technologies

PhotoUpLink on Mac has been tested with Office X, FileMaker 6.0v1, and MySQL ODBC driver 3.5.1 on Leopard.