PhotoUpLink for iPhoto

NEW! Upload photos to any Facebook brand, product or business page you manage!! Just login with the Facebook account you use to manage the Facebook Page, and any page you have Content Creator administrator access to will be displayed in a drop down menu. Select the page, and upload!

A unique posting on the product page is generated per album upload. Any apps linked to your business page could auto-fire also during the upload process. You will be required to approve the PhotoUpLink Facebook application the first time you log in.

Version 1.8.3, updated 12th January 2013. FTP and Facebook Pages test preview only. Limited to 5 items in trial mode.

Purchase status will carry across build. Buying now at the reduced testing price of $4.99 entitles you to full price upgrades through PhotoUpLink 2.x

iPhoto ’11 required.

PhotoUpLink is being re-written for the App Sandbox plugin environment. PhotoUpLink 1.8.1 is the beginning of the new upgrade path to PhotoUpLink 2, and is now available for testing as an Export plugin for iPhoto 9.4 and above.

By downloading PhotoUpLink for iPhoto you agree to the terms of service enclosed.

Download PhotoUpLink 1.8.3 for iPhoto ’11