ProteinScope ®


3D print with base text of 100D generated with ProteinScope for Mac:

* Due to limitations with the current build of ProteinScope for Mac, orders of protein 3D prints are being fulfilled using Meshlab and a custom workflow to add a base with the PDB ID text on it. Citation:

MeshLab: an Open-Source 3D Mesh Processing System. Paolo Cignoni, Massimiliano Corsini, and Guido Ranzuglia. ERCIM News (2008)

ProteinScope 3D prints on Shapeways:

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What is ProteinScope?
  • A single, integrated application for your desktop
  • Use arrow keys or mouse to rotate molecule, thumb wheel zoom
  • Full screen mode for 3D glasses
  • Separate DNA / protein complexes
  • Hydrophobicity and temperature color schemes
  • Create Excel spreadsheets of all or part of a PDB entry

Create animations, slides and spreadsheets for:
  • PowerPoint presentations of research and lectures
  • Include protein graphics on web sites
  • Zoom into binding sites for snapshots
  • Search and highlight sequence motifs
  • Use Excel macros for data processing of atom data


Experimenting with social annotations