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Unfortunately my short URL system has been overwhelmed by spammers exceeding my hosting account CPU limit, so its down until further notice. All other applications and services continue to function. Thank you for your support.

Extensive documentation has been updated for the latest versions of applications

PhotoUpLink for iPhone help
VideoUpLink for Mac help

General uploading help. applications are subject to server limitations.

Facebook photos
Facebook videos

Twitter photos

Tumblr photos

3rd party application info. Some problems can be solved by removing an app then reinstalling it via the app login.

Facebook Application Basics

Your installed Facebook Apps

Your installed Twitter Apps

Your installed Tumblr Apps

Help with purchases

In-app purchases on the iPhone

eSellerate Shopper Support (VideoUpLink Mac only)

Kagi Customer Support (PhotoUpLink for iPhoto & Aperture)

If you are still having trouble please file a support ticket.